ORIGINAL DIGITAL WORKS OF ART: The production of these art pieces is now over.

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With the slideshow above you can browse between Yves GENTET Works of Art Holograms, and buy one by clicking on an image. A 3DHoloprint SERVICE is available if you want us to print your own video or 3D file.

Now from HD videos !

By using a HD camera instead of complex holographic equipment, the creation step has been greatly simplified. With this technique, now the work with model and artstep are produced totally seperate from the holographic laboratory work. You send your video file, we produce the hologram. This offers too new creation possibilities to anybody, anywhere in the world who is interested to use our 3DHoloprint service.


A major improvement of the Holoprint Technique

Several groups have been working on the computer-calculated and printed holograms. Owing to 5 years development on a new material, demonstrated for the first time in Moscow during the Holo Conference in September 2010, the quality achieved by Yves GENTET has reached an outstanding level: super bright colors, very wide field of view (120° vertical AND horizontal), HD prints (with hoggels of about 500 µm, more than 1.5 million of pixels on a 60 cm x 80 cm), so the pixel is now almost invisible.



Eric, Buzz and Woody

Handmade work, sealed glass quality

Yves GENTET works of Art holograms are handmade with gelatine and nano silver grains sealed between 2 glasses. Furthermore any equipment and technique used in this production were invented Yves GENTET: emulsion, film coating, printer machine are results of years of development and constant improvement.

These Holograms, as they do not include any dye or pigment, are colorfast; insensitive to light or time, especially compared to traditional color photography.


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