Yves Gentet

Yves GENTET and his holographic selfportrait illuminated by laser light (you can see the shirt behind the trqnspqrent holographic glass plate)

Yves GENTET is a scientist inventor / artist hologram maker.

Born in 1965, Yves GENTET is a physicist in laser science, holography, optical calculations and computers. He is a specialist in Hoe's for military applications (including the holographic system of French Dassault aircraft "Rafale") on dichromated material. Since 1995 he has developed a family of new silver halide holographic emulsions called: "Ultimate" - the clearest and brightest material ever developed in true color holography.

In 2001 he received for this work 2 IHMA awards:

  • "Best new technique" and

  • "Best holographic work of the year"

Inventor of numerous technical optical systems designed for the "ultimate" materials such as: pulsed portraiture cameras using new mobile laser technologies, color mobile system for museums and a full color holoprinter, based on dot matrix technology, using the new ultra fast color film.

Yves GENTET owns the private laboratory "Science and Art Holographic Studio " in Bordeaux- France. Over the years Yves GENTET has developed several technologies for 3D imaging. Ultimates - holograms of objects recorded by Yves GENTET render true colors and can be seen from up and down as well as left to right with a 180 degree field of view.

They have a resolution previously unattainable and visually reconstruct almost anything. Even butterflies can be reconstructed as real as nature. This invention has revolutionized the holography world, amazing world specialists in its first international presentation until this day!

He now develops specialized equipment for his holographic material. These include:

  1. Color holoprinter - able to transform your 3D renders into a hologram
  2. Mobile museum system - (the only one in the world!) allows the recording of precious museum objects on site.
  3. Mobile pulse camera - for live hologram portraiture shoots

All of Yves GENTET's science / art work is self financed by the sales of his artpieces.

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